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IPS1 2018

The Israel Prison Service Commissioner, Lieutenant-General Ofra Klinger has invited colleagues from around the world to participate in a professional international conference on terror and radicalization in Prisons- IPS1 organized in conjunction with the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT).
The nature, structure and threat of terrorism are consistently changing and more and more countries today are impacted by this threat. As such, the number of inmates that were convicted of terrorism is on the rise throughout the globe. Some very important challenges and dilemmas are arising from this situation – all around the world.
The conference aims to discuss questions such as: 
• Should inmates convicted of terror related charges be separated from the general prison population?
• What are the best practices in collecting intelligence 
within prisons?
• What are the best possible methods to avoid the spread of radicalization within prisons?
• How can prison management utilize the connection 
with the leadership of the inmates to de-radicalize the radical inmates?

The Conference’s program includes: lectures given by senior officials and experts from Israel and other countries; a visit to a prison facility holding security inmates whilst having an opportunity to observe prison staff and the prison’s operating methods regarding countering terrorism and radicalization; a demonstration of the capabilities of IPS special units and roundtable discussions.

The conference will enable direct communication between senior staff and experts from around the world, leading to further collaboration, exchange of knowledge and strengthening of ties in the field of terrorism and radicalization in prisons.

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